Hunter Safety Tips

Growing up in the suburbs of Seattle I can’t say that I have ever been hunting. I am used to the city life, not the great outdoors. Since living in Utah for the past few years, I have been exposed to more individuals who enjoy the outdoors and recreation such as hunting. Since hunting can be dangerous, there are some great tips you’ll want to keep in mind while hunting and preparing to hunt. First, every time you see or use a gun assume that it is loaded so take the proper precaution. Guns can be very dangerous especially if the individual is not familiar with how to properly use them so you always want to exercise the upmost care when handling them. Second, along the same lines when you are walking with your gun always make sure that the safety is on and the barrel of the gun is pointed downwards. This will help to cut down on accidents from a gun misfiring. Third, take the time to make sure your target is what you think it is before you shoot. You don’t want to accidentally shoot at a human in a bush when you thought it was a deer. Fourth, when hunting you are supposed to wear orange so that you are visible to other hunters. Make sure you know the state’s law about the appropriate amount of orange you need to be wearing in order to mark you as another human to another hunter. Fifth, when hunting animals make sure they are all dead before loading them onto or into your vehicle. You don’t want an animal you thought was dead to start arousing while you are driving away. Sixth, always make sure you are sober when you are hunting. Do not take any mind altering substances or medications before hunting in order to keep your mind clear and prevent accidents that could have been avoided if you were of a sound mind. Seventh, make sure you look well beyond your target when you are shooting. Ammo can have a long range effect so make sure it won’t hit anything else other than your target that you have carefully selected. Eighth, hunt with a friend or make sure that someone knows where you will be and your expected time back. This is just smart in order to stay safe. Ninth, make sure you know how to properly use all equipment before you go hunting. Take time to practice to make sure you know how everything works in order to prevent casualties. Perhaps invest in the time to visit 360 Tactical Training. They offer classes and other information to help you prepare for hunting. Group or private lessons are available based on your needs and wants. Tenth, keep your gun and ammo under lock and key. A lot of time accidents happen because the wrong people gain access to guns that aren’t properly stored. Keep in mind these 10 solid tips for when you are out hunting and you can have a good and safe experience.