What is Modular Cleanroom Technology?

There are two basic categories when it comes to modular technology designs. It is either positive or negative air pressure technology used to maintain the system. With a positive system you have air pressurization that will be used to prevent air from escaping from the ceilings, walls, doors, and other areas. This positive air pressure is commonly used in the Aerospace industry along with Military, Optics, Research and Electronics field. The way the room is designed will make a difference in the overall concept of the air filtration and the safety of the room. There are different levels of positive air pressure used in just about every industry, but the main standard is about 0.02in to 0.2in water. This pressure with water allows the pumps to work properly and it gives you filtered air for the cleanest rooms possible.

When working on building effective cleanrooms, it is vital to work with contractors that understand their responsibility and to make sure they have years of experience dealing with air filtration, and design concepts. The cleanrooms need to be sealed effectively to prevent problems with microbial contamination and other sanitation concerns. Finding the right contractor is important to the concept of the design and construction of the cleanroom. If you do not have the right person to work with, you run the risk of problems with the FDA and other organizations.

Based on your industry, you need to make sure the company is following proper procedures to build the cleanroom. Most cleanrooms are similar, but some will need to have the FDA validatable and flexibility requirements. One of the nice benefits to a modular cleanroom is that it is tax deductible. It is depreciated at an accelerated rate because it is considered capital equipment. This is great for companies with intense tax burdens.

If you need a mobile turnkey design for your cleanroom, it is essential to hire the right company. You want to find a professional company with experience creating these modular rooms. This will reduce safety risks and other cleanability performance needs. There are several different project safety risks to consider when dealing with a cleanroom. This is something that must be handled by the company creating the project. They must work with a project team to focus on keeping personnel consistent so they can work together.

Some of the common frustrations companies deal with often include issues related to clean construction and adaptability. What happens when you have late arriving process equipment? Working with the right contractors and design team can help to reduce the common issues, and address the different problems that face your business.  Validation costs will work well when you have predictable performance results. This will require the proper predictable performance based on the closeout inspections and project scheduling.