Why Choose Crest Financial


Crest Financial is your one stop place to get credit for purchases for your home, and no credit is needed. They know that life happens, but that shouldn’t stop you from living. With that in mind, you can rent all the top of the line products such as wide flat-screen TVs, leather couches, etc.

Who They Are & What They Offer

Crest Financial approves most applications. Up to $5,000 is approved for 4 out of 5 applications. They are partnered with tons of retailers, and they provide in-home layaway. This is done by allowing you to take home your purchase and to pay in affordable installments. Also, for only $40 down, you can get merchandise that even have a total cost of $5000.

This company is one of the biggest and fastest growing leasing companies in which no credit is needed. They’ve been in business since 2005, and tons of retailers and residential customers are very pleased with them. They have given testimonies of their awesome services with them and by connecting customers with their diverse retail partners throughout the United States.

This company is the ultimate leader in “No Credit Needed” financing, in which they provide instant approvals. With them, you can get your items the same day. Also, with in-home layaway for just $40 down, and the buyout option on the lease for 90 days, what more can you ask for?

Some Testimonials

As mentioned before, there are a plethora of people who just love this company- the retail partners and customers. The following are just a few of those testimonials:

  • Julie J. – Customer from Dallas, TX- said that she used them three times, and they have treated her with respect. She also had the 90 day option for the first two times with them, and is planning on having it the third time.
  • Josh S. – Retailer at All Things Electric- he loves their instant approvals and fast responses. And as a result, his business is growing monthly due to his customers’ experiences.
  • Kellie W. – Customer from Lexington, KY- said that this company has offered him more sales. His monthly figures have increased, and he has return customers upon the completion of their leases who have also told their friends about his business.